Day 5: …..and the Saw Horse you rode in on.

The Right decision. The Right choice.

And so it begins. The instructor is Joe Gex-Collet, a timberframer from Switzerland who immigrated to Canada in 1978. This guys rocks. He is full of knowledge about timberframing and many other facets of construction. He has one of his sons working with us and I’m sure the boy handles all of the computer related stuff too. Today consisted of the standard BS paperwork and general overview, but we also watched Wood Misers product video for their portable band saw mill that we will begin to use tomorrow to make a set of saw horses… that we get to keep. I wonder what freight might cost to ship them back.

Then we watched a video about sharpening by a guy who spent 10 years in Japan learning the craft. Dry but informative. Oh and we were gut loose about 2. Joe is only contractually obligated to be there from 8 until 2, but I am hoping we can use the shop later than that.



  1. well THINGS ARE GOOD!

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