Posted by: danzaland | June 2, 2013

Crossfit Ambition Summer Challenge

Pre-Challenge Eve. June 2nd

Tonight I started in on making an effort to go Paleo for Crossfit Ambition’s Summer Challenge. Earlier in the week I swiped Practical Paleo to try and get on board. Nice big pictures of the food and looks like a pretty good range of things to try and make. $120 later at Wegmans and I’m on my way.

SO the week begins and I have at least parts of a paleo lunch ready for tomorrow. I think that will be the hardest part.

The Rules in general are:

June 3rd to July 13th. —- Check

Choose Zone or Paleo. — Paleo

Do the Kick-off and Cash-out WOD’s. — 52 Burpees in 5 minutes

2 Cheat meals and 2 alcoholic beverages allowed in a week. —Ugh, but Check.

Cheat days are totaled with your partner for the week. — Check

Drink 64oz. water a day. — Check

Optional Weightloss component. — Not applicable.


I’m passing on the weightloss part, only because I don’t see myself losing much more weight because I think, er at least hope, I’m adding muscle.

It’s gonna be interesting over the next 6 weeks.




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