Posted by: danzaland | May 23, 2013

“A player” Rockstars and “B player” Roadies

I’m Chris Monahan, and I’m a B player.

I’m a graphic designer. Am I the most creative? Probably not. Am I pushing boundaries and setting trends. More than likely not.

But what I can do is get you that product catalog using outdated tools because the right stuff isn’t in the budget.

I can get thing set up to bring you into the Social Media age even if you are kicking and screaming the whole way.

Oh and I can and will do other jobs at your company because I can learn that job real fast and do it right.


Ev Williams over at posted a piece about Start-up advice.

“How about the least-controversial and most common advice ever given: “Only hire A players.”

Here’s when that doesn’t apply: When you can’t hire A players. The truth is, A players aren’t available to most companies. If these companies stuck to the hire-only-A-players rule, they’d never hire anyone. Sometimes you have to get by with B players. That sucks, but here’s the thing: It doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. There a many examples of those who have, despite not being the absolute best in their field. (Again, there are many variables.)”

Gary Vaynerchuk refers to it as your DNA, the way you are wired.


Does a company need “A” players? Sure. But they also need the B Players to implement all the surrounding B.S. that your Prima-donna A player is too far above to execute on. How far outside of their expertise does that A player go?

How many A players are there? What really makes them an A player?

I’m willing to bet there are more B players out there than A.

Take a look at your B players and see what else they are doing for you. They will have A days, and probably not even in the field you originally hired them in.

I’m Chris Monahan

I’m a B Player.

I try harder because I am a B player.


B Players! Tell @Gary and @Ev  B Players are valuable too!


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