Posted by: danzaland | July 27, 2012

Gary Vaynerchuk as my co-pilot

It was a dark and stormy night in Southern Ontario and the Northeast United States and I saw a desperate tweet pop-up:

I knew Gary was in Toronto that day and it looked like he was working on getting home. My mind started cobbleing together a plan. I drive to Toronto from Rochester, NY, pick up Gary and then drive him to New York City or where ever he wanted, being Gary and all.

I tweet Gary and he tweets back!

SWEET! He saw my tweet. I felt like Lloyd Christmas with a million to one shot that it might just happen.
In my excitement I fire off two more tweets at Gary just to reaffirm the offer and drive home the understanding that this situation may be absurd, but I was dead serious.

A short time later the adventure comes to an end and I close with one final tweet.

Since that exchange started I thought about how the drive might go. I’d point out places along the way and tell the stories related to each place. Some are less exciting than others. I’m sure we would talk about family life and being a dad too. Being a follower of Gary’s media exploits, and him wanting to know more about his driver, Gary would work on delving into getting to know me. What do I do? How long? What do I want to do? Why are you not doing this, or why are you doing that, because that will get in your way, and many other words of wisdom. I’d end up telling him about projects I’ve tried to start, have stopped and have on the back burner and I’m sure I’d get a verbal lashing for weak reasons and excuses and not executing.

So today in the aftermath of an epic journey in my mind, I’m making an effort to put those excuses down and work around the reasons I might have come up with. I’m working on tinkering with my “business/professional DNA” to make it stronger and to perform better, so that the next time Gary might be stranded in Toronto, he just might choose to take me up on that ten hour car ride.


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