Posted by: danzaland | April 11, 2012

The Food Machine – America Revealed

I happened upon this episode of America Revealed and stayed with it. Maybe having been a listener of The Survival Podcast for a few years I was appalled at how awful our systems are and the crap they turn out. One of the interviewee’s spoke to the point of having to up the yield year over year, and it made me wonder how long can that go on for? How long can we continue to genetically modify our foods, both vegetable and animal before it stops?

I hope that the last five minutes that dealt with Urban Farming, vegetables grown on vacant/abandoned land in cities resonates with people and that more organic, less traveled food is better for us. I will admit I am a food growing newb, and that I am a consumer of our Food Machine’s end product, but I am trying not to be.


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