Posted by: danzaland | March 9, 2012

72 degrees in my head, All the time

Okay so it wasn’t 72 degrees, but it was close. Early March and a 60degree plus day in Rochester, NY, you want to be outside. SO I was. I squared up a round log.

Log Overview

I used my Logosol Timber Jig and a 2×6 rail I built (seen here).

Close Up 1

Close Up 2

So now with my circular saw and a hand saw I plan on cutting this 8×8 down to 4×6’s and trying to make sawhorses.



  1. ive been playing around with chainsaw milling for some time. that pine should be nice n easy to cut. when i was milling stuff off the beachs i actually brought a power washer with me and ran see water through it. (not good i know) but it saved a lot of sharpening and a lot of chain. Im filing the teeth to about 82-88 degrees. its a pain in the but but itll hold its bite for a lot longer. I just bought a lift of 8×8 edge grain fir for a project and split some into 4 x8 for bookend rafters. the timbers are rough sawn and the general contractor and myself were both pleased to see that my plit cuts didnt look much different from the cuts from the big mill. way to go buddy. have fun. have you seen the chainsaw bars that you can mount 2 powerheads to?…..

  2. Yeah I’ve seen Logosol’s version of the dual head cutter. The beach wood had to make for some pretty striking pieces.
    The rough sawn look is pretty nice look too.

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