Posted by: danzaland | February 9, 2012

Insert Positive Cliche HERE

Redouble and Compete. Final Answer.

From wanting to vomit on my keyboard when I saw legitimate competition to meeting with my developer today, I have run the gamut of emotions and spun multiple possibilities around in my head.  I know that one of the biggest things that made me question moving forward is that the competition is not charging the job hunter or hiring managers to sign up. As I move forward I will be delving into their site to try and find how they plan on generating revenue. It’s gotta be somewhere or else other people would not have put in millions of dollars.

We both agreed it is a good idea and that we let our lives get in the way. Until we hit a large stumbling block that we cannot figure out or would take a ton of cash to solve, we are pressing forward.

Thanks to my brother Pat for an inspired vote of confidence and support in response to my Facebook post about this. I know I am going to need his and your help to get this thing flying.


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