Posted by: danzaland | February 5, 2012

A Different Gary Vaynerchuk

I am one of the many Vayniacks out here on the net. Jack Spirko of hipped me to Gary and his first book Crush It! in 2010, and I’ve been hooked since. I previously posted his 2008 Web 2.0 video and still continue to find it inspirational.

I received Gary’s Feb 3rd email with his newest video and saw a different Gary. Here’s the video

I really like what he has to say.

DNA – some people are born with it. I’ve have questioned my DNA and how much of it is business related, can I get my current project off the ground, into the air and soaring?

B and C players – He also mentioned knowing and always having a feel for business even as a kid. I don’t know that I felt that strongly about much when I was young. Does this make me a B or C player? Probably. But I also think that it might be okay. So I may be the Ford version instead of the Mercury or Lincoln or even the Bentley. I’ll just have to be the best Ford I can be.

About Himself – I got the feeling, and I emailed him about it, that the tug between work and family might be getting to him and he is now recognizing that and trying to deal with it.

I think Gary has another Youtube hit on his hands here and looks to show a growing and maturing guy. When you go looking for other videos by Gary, know that they have a different feel and bravado than this one, but are no less powerful.

Thanks Gary.



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