Posted by: danzaland | March 31, 2011

Millionaire Fastlane

I am embarking upon a through read of MJ DeMarco’s The Millionaire Fastlane. I made a previous post about doing it, made a Facebook post about it and got a message from Mr. DeMarco himself saying I would get the book faster than projected Amazon dates, and that he too was frustrated with the Start-Up/Entrepreneurial spaces.
A little about my background includes working for a website start up in 2000-2001 that failed, venturing away from my graphic design career track and getting into timberframing. Got laid off from the timberframing twice. Since then I have made attempts to get my own things off and going.

Projects is my dba for any freelance work I might get. That is on hold due the need for the proper software and computer. is the most recent project in it’s infancy stage. There is a rough prototype up. Finding a balance between contract work and has been interesting. is a one page newspaper of articles missed or underreported by the mainstream media, or any article I find interesting.


The Chain
I listen to Alex Jones and and learned more about being self prepared.
Was introduced to James Wesley, Rawles book Patriots.
Found Jack Spirko and his site The Survival Podcast.
TSP then introduced me to Gary Vaynerchuk and his 2 books, Crush It! and The Thank You Economy.
Researching Gary brought me to and Jason Calacanis, his show This Week in Start-Ups and his blog
Also at is Mark Suster his blog and his show This Week in Venture Capital.

There are many leads from there to sites like Y-Combinator and their news site, and Bitly’s news site to read news and articles.

I lay all this out, because I think Fastlane may cover some of this ground. I will keep this in mind as I read and try to speak to the newbie and to the more advanced entrepreneur.

I would also like to disclose:

I have gotten the free chapter and looked through the Amazon Look Inside to try and get a better idea about the book.

I looked for it through my local library system and didn’t see it.

I already did believe that the current way of saving and working suck and don’t deliver what they should. I just didn’t know how to say it in an elegant way.

I am currently working the standard job thing, but strive to work for myself.


Send your questions and comments along and I will do my best to answer them. I expect to post chapter write ups. I am not sure what shape these will take, I don’t want to rob Mr. DeMarco of his intellectual property.


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