Posted by: danzaland | March 25, 2011

I will read Millionaire Fastlane

I just ordered Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. I have dealt with a few bouts of unemployment in the last 2 years, so this is an excessive purchase that I hopes changes that.
I have been wandering around in the Start-up/Entrepreneurial space for about a year now and have 2 projects that haven’t gone anywhere.
I’m hoping to see something I didn’t already know.
I want to see something pointed out that I am doing wrong.
I want to see something that points me in the right direction to get one of the projects moving along quickly.
I am leery I will not see anything beyond what I already know.
I hope it is more than just get a good idea – Grow it through hard work – Cash out.
I will one star it if it is that and does not add any value to what I already know.
64 5-star reviews does set off my crap meter and give me cause for concern. I can say I am worried this is a too good to be true scenario, much like those Infomercials. I will say I know that I like the concept/idea that the standard way is not the way to go. I like to think of myself as an open minded person who is not afraid to go against the norm. Just look at some of the political postings I have done here already.
I will do my best to give the book a fair shake. I will make notes about every chapter in regards to “yeah know it” “that was half an idea” “I’ll do that” and others I’m sure I’ll invent as I read the book.
Mr. DeMarco I welcome your comments once this pops up in your Google Alert!

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