Posted by: danzaland | November 13, 2008

Day 60 to 71: Status Quo

Yeah I know, I’ve been a slacker in regards to the updates. Sorry.

Spent 3 days learning a second 3D program called Deitrich’s. Just as expensive, but more user friendly. More but not entirely friendly. It was enough so that I purchased the student version. With this purchase I have been working on our class project and am thinking about the deck for the house.

IN the shop we have been laying out all the timbers. Our first cuts have been making scarf joints.

Scarf Joint

Scarf Joint

Over the weekend I began to hand hew another log for practice. It goes slow and has been quite a learning process, but well worth it. Maybe I can get back on it this weekend.

Less than a month left. It will be nice to get home and see everybody. It will be nice to get back to a normal routine… or to set one up…..It’s been a busy unsettled year. Starting to prep the house for sale in March, moving, changing jobs and then coming to Cranbrook.


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