Posted by: danzaland | November 1, 2008

Day 55 to 59: Worst Program EVER!

I have been doing graphic design related stuff for 12 plus years now and I think I understand what makes a good user experience. Cadwork, not to be confuesd with Cadworks, is terrible for user experience. Nothing about how one navigates space and uses tools is easy to use. Elwin, who has been workign with software for 25 years creating things for the Canadian Armed Forces feels the same way. I guess we both share the Ass Hole crown for this part of the course. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that Cadwork does that are extremely powerful and useful, naming timbers, putting dimensions on drawings and a few others. The usability has got to improve. Oh and it is $12,900…. for one license, AND you have to pay $1200 every year to “renew” and get teh upgrades and fixes…. Not sold.

After much venting and frustration I did manage to get a structure built. Here it is:

Cadwork version of the Electricians Project

Cadwork version of the Electricians Project

Monday we start 3 days using Deitrich’s Cad software for timberframing….. hopefully things work better….


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