Posted by: danzaland | October 15, 2008

Day 37 through 42: Turkey, Horses and Roofs

Fort Steele

Fort Steele

The weekend was for the birds, more accurately, Turkey. Monday, Columbus Day for the real world, was Canadian Thanksgiving. This meant Friday the shift was on as people went home to be with their families. I had 3 turkey dinners in this time. Saturday our pod had most of the people who didn’t go home in for dinner, about 13 or 14 people. Sunday Elwin, his wife Jackie and I went to Fort Steele for their dinner and then Monday the Rez had a pot luck. So I can say I’ve had my share of turkey.
In class we put the decking for a roof on a former class’s project. 2×6’s tongue and grooved. On top of that will go 2×10’s stood on end, set at 24 inches on center with insulation put in between, then 2×4’s on top of which will go a metal roof.
And we are also making 10 sets of saw horses to be used in the shop. Some people didn’t want to use their horses, so we need more.



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