Posted by: danzaland | October 7, 2008

Day 33 and 34: Loose Foreign Object

Forest for the Trees

Forest for the Trees

I find myself missing the color changes of the fall. The above picture is one of many that I took while out on a walk. BC is nice, but Pine is everywhere, so when I’ve seen any sort of color change I’ve appreciated it that much more. I’m sure some of it is being homesick and missing the family. The end of the course will be here soon enough and I know I will look back and wonder where it went. Now back to the show….

Today’s title is from the First Aid Course we had today. I had not had training like this since high school. FYI, CPR is 30 compressions and 2 breaths, then repeat. I hope I never have to use the info I learned today. And by the way, Annie is okay.

Monday we continued to hammer out details on our main project. I guess for everything we think we have solved, another pops up. The afternoon was spent talking with a Structural Engineer and his experience with Timber frame structures.


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