Posted by: danzaland | October 5, 2008

Day 31 & 32: One Third of the way



Inukshuks are used as markers to guide you along your way, be it a mountain hike, or blasting through the frozen tundra of the Arctic.
My travels so far have been successful.
Week One: We started out working with a Woodmizer Sawmill to make lumber from a round log. Interestingly enough it is saw-milling that led me to Timber Framing, so to start milling was a treat. The milled lumber then led us into the saw horse project. Those timbers went to layout. One other itme was checked off the list of things do, hand hewing a log. I’d consider doing it again, but it would have to be for a really special application.
Week Two: Math classes from years gone by came back to visit by way of the saw horse brace. Square rule and general layout filled out the remainder of the week.
Week Three: Saw Horse, Saw Horse, Saw Horse. Any and all tools and methods to cut wood were demonstrated to complete the joinery. My tool wish list is definitely growing. I guess Christmas is coming……
Week Four: Drafting the 2 story building for the Electrical Program took all week and is even playing into week 5 some.
I’m sure I missed something in the months time. There is plenty coming up. CAD, Deitrich, Fall Protection, First aid and guest speakers.
Hope you all keep reading and following along. This Old House started their Timber Frame house programs this week so check it out.



  1. Yeah, Julie was watching TOH on Thursday and said, “Hey, isn’t that what Beavis is doing?” So, it’s getting out there.

    Have you been in contact with your “employers” and do you know what you need to get out of this to bring back to the states?

  2. I don’t know that there is a formal need to know this or that…. but no I do not have a list. I had talked with my boss some and he did not have any set or defined expectations.

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