Posted by: danzaland | September 28, 2008

Day 21 to 25: Who runs Barter Town?

One of the RA’s set up a Mardi Gras party for Friday night. IT was lame, so many people hung out outside. Due to the party the RA’s didn’t want a fire outside. Some non-residence people got a fire going and then didn’t put it out so the RA’s were pissed. SO the fire we were planning on having Saturday at the dorm moved to a classmate’s place. The cool part was getting the Swiss/Swedish torch going. Take a log and make 6 or so rip cuts in about half way down the log. Then try to get it lit. Once you do you can cook on it, warm yourself and see by the light. I know I will be setting a few up as soon as I get back.

We went to Fernie, BC to start some stone work on a frame from an earlier class.
3 Sisters Fernie, BC

I expect we will be starting to design our 2 story building for the Electrical Trades Program on Monday. They need a building that they can put panels in, wire up and then remove and set up for the next semesters people. So we get to build the frame.


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