Posted by: danzaland | September 24, 2008

Day 17.1 to 20: Near Completion

The Shire

SO I lied. Troy, Eric, Nick and myself went out to Mt. Fisher on the idea that we would just check it out. Before we knew it we were on the hill making the climb. I am a flatlander. Cranbrook is 3,000 some odd feet above sea level, and Mt. Fisher rises to about 9,300 feet. Being from an altitude of 300 feet made the hike up a suck-fest… sucking for air that is… Oh and it was rainy too, so views were limited. It took about 3 hours to get to the point we did, and we estimate we were 45 minutes from the top, but the cold winds a blowin’ had us deciding we had gone far enough. I realize that I am a faster descender than ascender, but who isn’t. I know I missed a couple of great photos in the fog of some streams and the trees due to the camera being cold, so I guess I do need to make a trip back up there. There are more pictures on my flickr page.

We returned, ate and then hit the pool that has a hot tub and sauna to close out the night. Flexall is a god send.

Monday morning was a little sore, but nothing that couldn’t be worked through. At lunch Mt. Fisher is visible from the log pile that serves as our cafeteria. Yeah it had quite a bit of snow on it. Many of the other peaks of the Rocky Mountains had snow too. The Purcell Mountains are to the west of Cranbrook, just so you know.

Work continues on the saw horse, but I expect it to be finished by coffee break on Thursday, as I only have the pegs on one side to drill and insert.




  1. All right now, everybody lay off the jokes about Beavis’ peg, and how much drilling and inserting he’ll be doing, okay?

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