Posted by: danzaland | September 21, 2008

Day 13 to 17: Routine

I figured this would happen sooner than later….. I guess Web 2.0 bores me, or maybe I bore Web 2.0. What ever the case, class got into rythm of being in the shop most of the week for the whole day. We’ve been cutting mortises and tenons with the variety of tools available to use. These tools range from the chisel and mallet to the drill with a forstner bit to the $4000 chain mortiser. Each has it’s pros and cons.

As far as social and life in general, caught the opening game of the WHL Hockey season. The local team, The Kootenay Ice played last years champs Spokane. The Ice won 4-2 and the Assistant Captain scored all 4 goals. Friday was mingling around the dorm and being up way too late. Saturday was so nice I purchased a used camp chair and sat outside reading most of the day. We are supposed to go hiking up Mt. Fisher, but the rain has finally set in and with it the clouds. If I’m going to climb that high I want a view.

The temps here are expected to come down from the mid 80’s we’ve had all week, hell since I got here, and flurries, yes flurries may show up overnights during the week. That will be strange.



  1. Welcome to the Rockies


    Love Me

  2. Um, snow? That’s kind of insane, dude. I can’t say that I am jealous!

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