Posted by: danzaland | September 10, 2008

Day 7: “It’s very Hilla Billie-ish”

I question whether Instructor Joe is really Swiss or not. He definitely is NOT neutral. For those that know Carmen Navarra, just change the accent to be a Swiss – German sound and you have a pretty good idea. “It’s very Hilla Billie-ish” is one of his favorite terms and you can probably guess that he is refering to process that does what it should but doesn’t look pretty, but the man knows his stuff.

Today’s dockette included a breif demonstration of the square rule for making measurements on a less than perfect piece of lumber, calculating board feet to make the saw horses and making measurements of a horse. Demo of the Joiner, Planer, Table Saw and Band Saw took us to lunch. The remainder of teh day was spent getting our timbers ready for layout.

Went for a little remidial math, trigonomitry to be exact. Myself and the other 2 older gents, who also live in teh dorms, went to brush up our trig skills for when we may need to calculate brace and rafter measurements. I had forgotten how “perfect” trig can be especially with triangles. Oh and a calulator makes it considerably easier to do the math…..


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