Posted by: danzaland | September 9, 2008

Day 6: Wood Mizer Soze

I’m not even sure how it is I started into the world of log milling. Might have been when we were deciding what to do with the huge Maple tree at the first house. How ever I started I did buy a chainsaw mill attachment for $165. Today we go to play with a $32,000 bandsaw mill. How f’n cool! Each of the ten guys in the class got to make a few cuts with it, but also chatted about the why for the next cut and looked at problems before and after cuts. Points included keeping the log square, hitting metal in the log, and general technique to use the saw. We will continue to deal with lumber and calculating board feet, (length x width x height) divided by 12, and getting into making our saw horses.

I’m hoping the box Courtney shipped arrives sooner than later so I can transfer pictures off the camera.


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