Posted by: danzaland | September 7, 2008

Day 3 Crazy Happenings in Cranbrook

Okay maybe not that crazy.

Some of the kids that went downtown to a bar called Misty’s had an interesting night Friday night. Apparently Drinking and Driving Laws in BC are, or can be much more lax than any or most US laws. Tim, an exchange student from Holland was driving Nick’s car and was stopped. Tim blew over 3 times and Nick was in no condition to drive. Tim only received a $175 seat belt ticket and the car was impounded for 24 hours. Sure teh cash to get the car out will hurt, but nobody has anything on their record.

My theory is it’s early in the semester and the Police don’t want to scare their goldmine off yet. We’ll see what happens later in the semester.

As far as what I am doing, it ain’t much. I walked all over town checking things out and just trying to familiarize my self with the town. Between the internet and the stores in town I can get anything I might need.

I did go out with the suitemates and a few others to watch the UFC fight. The first bar, Finnegan’s Wake, had problems getting the fight dialed in so we headed to some other bar in Old Cranbrook. Went home only see the kids heading out about 11 pm. I went to bed.


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