Posted by: danzaland | September 4, 2008

Day 1

4 am came quickly after fighting Microsoft’s BS to try and set up a stinking webcam til 1am….. Saying to goodbye to the family was tough, but not unexpected.

Rochester to Chicago: No problems and had a seat between me and the other passenger. Maybe did some cat napping a few minutes at a time, but not quite sure.

Chicago to Calgary: Easy. Arrived and Depart from the same concourse. Grabbed a light breakfast and onto the next plane, a Canadair something or other. Those really interested can look it up…. 2 seats on one side and 2 on the other. I had both seats to my self. Might have grabbed some more sleep on the longest leg of the journey.

Calgary to Cranbrook: Cleared customs without a hitch. Grabbed some Tim Hortons and changed from shorts to pants…..Calgary was only in the 50’s(F). Had a good chunk of time to kill and then boarded the smallest plane I’ve ever been on. Propeller, 1 seat, aisle, 1 seat, Propeller. It was though, one of the most scenic rides I’ve ever been on. The Rockies are very nice from the lower altitude, and even the partly cloudiness was nice.

Cranbrook: Landed at an airport that might rival Ayers Rock for the smallest International Airport I have ever been to. Caught a shuttle to the college, got room keys, unpacked and here I am. Going to find food, and other things and may take a test bus ride tomorrow in preparation for Monday morning.

Customs asks how many days one is in Canada, so I figured September 4th to December 8th is 95 days for those who may be counting.

Various running tallies:

Calls Home: 3

Hours slept since 6am Weds morning: 3ish



  1. I am glad to read that you arrived safely and the flight was smooth. I was on one of those propeller planes when I went to vist Spencer in Idaho many years ago. I remember feeling vibrations during my enitre flight. It was 2 hours of constant turbulance. Scary at first but got used to it after a while. Have a great day tomorrow. I’ll keep reading.

  2. what’s the Bag 9000 thing?

    How Canada? nice here today
    your son is PISSED cause he can’t go to college with you hee hee haw

    Later MOM

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