Posted by: danzaland | March 4, 2008


I first saw this on Whether this is a fake video or not, just the fact that this guy would do this shows how sick we have become as a society. I hope he does not return to the U.S. to become a cop.

Oh and this is only ONE example of such behavior.

Psychopathic Soldier Throws Puppy Off Cliff
March 3, 2008

No one seems to care about the untold number of dead Iraqis killed in this war (including outrageous and horrifying rapes and murders), yet many are shaken by a puppy thrown over a cliff by a soldier.

We are too.

These individuals, and untold others, are demonstrably psychopathic. The weight of Iraq-related stress has stripped away humanity and life has lost meaning and become a trifle. The fact that the puppy is more sensational is another matter…


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