Posted by: danzaland | February 20, 2008

P90X.. maybe P65X for me…

Yes this is the same P90X infomercial exercise program. I’ve worked out 4 days of 6 so far.. maybe I can get todays in tonight. Yes it is tough but it does work you really hard. I’ve put what I can into it, hence the 65. The 4:30am start time has been one of the toughest parts. The eating plan is the 2nd part. Why is it these diet people can’t write simple recipes with ingredients people can actually find and would use….. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Should you think about buying, find a package on Ebay that has all the DVD’s, The books and look for a set with the Exercise bands. You can use the bands in place of weights and chin up bar.

I’ve felt better since starting it, but also sore, but I hope that means it is working.

UPDATE: I did legs and back tonight and I like the chin up bar better than the bands for those exercises. So go for the band and bars.


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