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A Great Purge

I’m in a purging mode and some stuff has got to go!

Who needs a stove, a microwave or a dorm fridge?

The Stove is a Tappan 220 Electric. Its pretty clean inside and out, but not spotless. Asking $60


IMG_20131020_150705_589 IMG_20131020_150727_717 IMG_20131020_150656_069

The Microwave is a Sharp Carousel for the counter top. Asking $30

IMG_20131020_150818_738 IMG_20131020_150752_475 IMG_20131020_150743_523

Lastly we have a Dorm fridge with the nicest wall paper finish…. Asking $20

IMG_20131020_150906_031 IMG_20131020_150853_053






















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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Most Recent Speech

Gary spoke in NYC in June of 2013 and in 20 minutes really delivered the ideas and concepts one can put to use quickly in their social media endeavors.

For some reason it popped in my head it was a cereal. Fortified with Right Hooks put it over the top for me so I had to do a faux box.

Hope you like it Gary!

Gary V. Elevate BizBash speech

Gary V. Elevate BizBash speech













OH and don’t forget to pre-order Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

There are all kinds of interesting Gary Experiences tied in with quantity buys .

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Ford Torino, CobraJet, Fairlane

Saw this Cobra Jet at a local cruise-in.

Don’t see them too often in WNY.

IMG_20130726_182735_859 IMG_20130726_182744_170

Posted by: danzaland | June 2, 2013

Crossfit Ambition Summer Challenge

Pre-Challenge Eve. June 2nd

Tonight I started in on making an effort to go Paleo for Crossfit Ambition’s Summer Challenge. Earlier in the week I swiped Practical Paleo to try and get on board. Nice big pictures of the food and looks like a pretty good range of things to try and make. $120 later at Wegmans and I’m on my way.

SO the week begins and I have at least parts of a paleo lunch ready for tomorrow. I think that will be the hardest part.

The Rules in general are:

June 3rd to July 13th. —- Check

Choose Zone or Paleo. — Paleo

Do the Kick-off and Cash-out WOD’s. — 52 Burpees in 5 minutes

2 Cheat meals and 2 alcoholic beverages allowed in a week. —Ugh, but Check.

Cheat days are totaled with your partner for the week. — Check

Drink 64oz. water a day. — Check

Optional Weightloss component. — Not applicable.


I’m passing on the weightloss part, only because I don’t see myself losing much more weight because I think, er at least hope, I’m adding muscle.

It’s gonna be interesting over the next 6 weeks.



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“A player” Rockstars and “B player” Roadies

I’m Chris Monahan, and I’m a B player.

I’m a graphic designer. Am I the most creative? Probably not. Am I pushing boundaries and setting trends. More than likely not.

But what I can do is get you that product catalog using outdated tools because the right stuff isn’t in the budget.

I can get thing set up to bring you into the Social Media age even if you are kicking and screaming the whole way.

Oh and I can and will do other jobs at your company because I can learn that job real fast and do it right.


Ev Williams over at posted a piece about Start-up advice.

“How about the least-controversial and most common advice ever given: “Only hire A players.”

Here’s when that doesn’t apply: When you can’t hire A players. The truth is, A players aren’t available to most companies. If these companies stuck to the hire-only-A-players rule, they’d never hire anyone. Sometimes you have to get by with B players. That sucks, but here’s the thing: It doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. There a many examples of those who have, despite not being the absolute best in their field. (Again, there are many variables.)”

Gary Vaynerchuk refers to it as your DNA, the way you are wired.


Does a company need “A” players? Sure. But they also need the B Players to implement all the surrounding B.S. that your Prima-donna A player is too far above to execute on. How far outside of their expertise does that A player go?

How many A players are there? What really makes them an A player?

I’m willing to bet there are more B players out there than A.

Take a look at your B players and see what else they are doing for you. They will have A days, and probably not even in the field you originally hired them in.

I’m Chris Monahan

I’m a B Player.

I try harder because I am a B player.


B Players! Tell @Gary and @Ev  B Players are valuable too!

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Youthful Innovation

Gary Vaynerchuk posted a photo of and excerpt of an interview he recently did.
Being in my late 30’s I COMPLETELY understand what he’s getting at and regret my wasted 20’s. Yes my wasted 20’s. I was able to take a few chances and got to be a part of a web start-up that failed, but other than that not much.

It has to do with what Gary calls your DNA. Listening to Gary’s story he was very motivated and hustled as a kid. Me? I was a B student. I did what I had to do to get by and keep life from being unpleasant at home. My DNA at that point was to be average, do what I was told and not rock the boat too much. My father raised myself and my brother and I know it was hard. He did open the door for us to be self reliant and ready to make our way out in the cold hard world. He did also open my mind to alternative thinking about what was going on in the world. That the “official” story might just be that and not the truth. Armed with everything my father could pour into me I’ve been able to hear about guys like Gary, do some research on them and have an open mind to really listen to what each has to say, finding a way to make it my own. He also told us that anything we want to do had better be done before one gets married and definitely before we had kids. Sorry Dad. Screwed the pooch on that one…..
So being in my late 30’s with 20/20 vision, I can see the averageness that is taught to our kids. Do the teachers know about the alternatives that life can bring? Do they live the alternatives? If they don’t know how can they teach them?

In the end of this long diatribe I hope that we as a nation can start pointing out to our teenagers that they need to give it a shot! Take that risk. Those of you reading this get as many teenagers together and speak to them about this as a mentor. Have a talk with them about their passions and interests  and how they might capitalize on it sooner than later or never at all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few nephews and nieces to go speak too.

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Gary Vaynerchuk as my co-pilot

It was a dark and stormy night in Southern Ontario and the Northeast United States and I saw a desperate tweet pop-up:

I knew Gary was in Toronto that day and it looked like he was working on getting home. My mind started cobbleing together a plan. I drive to Toronto from Rochester, NY, pick up Gary and then drive him to New York City or where ever he wanted, being Gary and all.

I tweet Gary and he tweets back!

SWEET! He saw my tweet. I felt like Lloyd Christmas with a million to one shot that it might just happen.
In my excitement I fire off two more tweets at Gary just to reaffirm the offer and drive home the understanding that this situation may be absurd, but I was dead serious.

A short time later the adventure comes to an end and I close with one final tweet.

Since that exchange started I thought about how the drive might go. I’d point out places along the way and tell the stories related to each place. Some are less exciting than others. I’m sure we would talk about family life and being a dad too. Being a follower of Gary’s media exploits, and him wanting to know more about his driver, Gary would work on delving into getting to know me. What do I do? How long? What do I want to do? Why are you not doing this, or why are you doing that, because that will get in your way, and many other words of wisdom. I’d end up telling him about projects I’ve tried to start, have stopped and have on the back burner and I’m sure I’d get a verbal lashing for weak reasons and excuses and not executing.

So today in the aftermath of an epic journey in my mind, I’m making an effort to put those excuses down and work around the reasons I might have come up with. I’m working on tinkering with my “business/professional DNA” to make it stronger and to perform better, so that the next time Gary might be stranded in Toronto, he just might choose to take me up on that ten hour car ride.

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YES We Can Save America

I’ve been tweeting and posting this video all about:

The origin of the Video

It doesn’t pitch one side versus another, or that anybody is better than anybody else. It does put you in the driver seat to take control back starting with yourself. I hope you will pass this on and that it gives you a bit of hope that things are changing, but the change has just begun.

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Being an Affiliate

I’ll just come right out and say it. I am pimping another entities products.
This is my affiliate link for where they have created a package of 15 ebooks and 1 hard copy book for sale for $100. Steep? Maybe, but I know I paid $27 bucks for the first Josh Kaufmann book The Personal MBA.

Here’s the list of books, stolen directly from
Josh Kaufman – The Personal MBA Guide to Small Business Infrastructure
Pam Slim – Ethical Selling That Works
Alyson Stanfield – Turning Your Hobby into a Career
Jonathan Mead – Identifying Your Passion
Scott Dinsmore – Live Off Your Passion
David Risley – Double Your Ad Income
Ashley Ambirge – You Don’t Need A Job, You Need Guts
Men With Pens – Write for the Web, Guest Posting Guide, Beyond Brick & Mortar
Johnny B. Truant – Tao of Awesome
Marianne Elliot – 30 Days of Courage
Corbett Barr – Creating, Marketing, and Designing A Blog That Matters
Susannah Conway – Blogging From The Heart
Free The Apps – How to Make iPhone Apps
Brett Kelly – Evernote Essentials
Chris Guillebeau – Unconventional Guide to Publishing

Hopefully some of you will find this offer interesting and will take a chance on it. I know that there are quite a few titles I’m very interested in reading right away.

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Husband and Wife

I was in a McDonald’s today and an older couple walked up to the counter. The Old man did all the talking. He made jokes to the order taker girl, and chit chatted with another woman in line. When he ordered, he ordered for both of them, and even made jokes about no whip cream on the wife’s hot cocoa, she might get it on her face blah blah blah… The one woman he chatted to before said something to him and he said “38 years last Friday”, and I am assuming he was referring to the number of years married.
The whole time I could see them the wife did not say a word. Not one.

So it got me thinking about their dynamic and how they were raised and how they have lasted for 38 years. Again I am assuming here that they have the traditional husband-wife roles and values that he is the dominate one and she stays demure and reserved without opinion, especially in public! It seems to me that she and many other women in that early and pre boomer generation were groomed to fill that role of wife and mother and no opinion. That’s how they have stayed married for 38 years.

I found myself thinking about the possible correlation between the divorce rate and the history of women’s liberation. Has the growing independence of women and thus their growing voice been a part of why the divorce rate soared? I am not blaming women, or even men for that matter, but instead thinking that the boomers got caught up in a paradigm shift and that has given both parties in a marriage equal voices, where both had a change of heart and dissolved the marriage. Old world values of their parents meet modern world reality for them?

Would that couple still be married if both had equal voice?
Who would not have what they bargained for?
Is that wife okay with the role she is playing, which there is nothing wrong with if that is what she wants?

All conjecture on my part but has anybody seriously studied this angle?

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